The waterfall drive


warner fallsStarting from Gladstone, go north on 41 to Trenary where you catch 67 going north. A few miles on and you will come to 94 where you will turn right. Remember this junction because the secret waterfall is nearby and we will be coming back to htis intersection. Just 16 miles further and you come to highway 28 near Munising. Alger Falls is at that junction. Turn around, head back and park at the pull off. A short stroll up a well tended path will bring you to Wagner Falls.

Head toward Munising. The road pretty much follows the shore of Lake Superior and you can see Grand Island in the distance. Stay on 28 for a few miles and just west of Munising is Scott Falls on the left. On the right side of the road is a park where you can stop and take pictures. Continuing west watch for a road named H-03 near Au Train where you will turn left. This is an unimproved road but the slow pace will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous forest. You could have turned right but it is very wet that way.

Keep heading south on H-03 for 4 or 5 miles and you will arrive back at 94. Go west and in 4 miles you will be at the junction of 94 & 67 again; the junction I said you should remember. Turn right toward Chatham, on the west side you will see a rather small municipal park. There is an enormous snow-roller there and a couple of one-holers for the convenience of travelers.  This is one of the great spots for a picnic on this drive. The park is enclosed by a split rail fence and at the back of the park is an archway with a path leading into the trees. Down that path a bit you will come to a small waterfall that isn't on any map. It is in a small clearing about a 5 minute walk in and you will hear it before you see it. No, it isn't a thundering cataract like Canyon Falls but it is a tranquil spot, visited by few.

Back on the road, you head north into Chatham and follow 94 west again. Seven miles down the road you will come to Sundell, Michigan. Watch for the sign telling you to turn north to reach Laughing Whitefish Falls. This is a famous waterfall and it is only a couple of miles to the parking area. The road was a bit dicey last time I went. After parking you will have to walk about a mile but the path is not bad and the waterfall is worth every step of it.

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