scenic drives 'up north' in michigan


the river roadColor tours, scenic drives and historic trails are all part of Michigan up north. Each drive or trail here is worth the trip and there are several in every region of the state. Many of these scenic drives follow trails that are rich in the history and development of Michigan.

The Pierce Stocking is often missed by those who go to enjoy the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  The River Road is a scenic byway in the northeast of Michigan. The M-22 Drive is one of the most beautiful in the state; from Frankfort south along Lake Michigan is 30 miles of breathtaking scenes.

The road that leads to the historic town of Seney has the reputation of being the most boring in the entire state. 20 + miles of flat landscape. Still, at that special time of year it offers a new look and is a scenic drive out of Manistique.

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