marble head - drummond island


marble headMarble Head is unique up north Michigan destination on Drummond Island.  This is first place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see sunrise at dawn.

Most people don't realise how big Drummond Island is. At 249 square miles it is more than 40 times as large as Mackinac Island which is just under four square miles and Beaver Island is about seventy eight square miles.  Marble Head is just one of several natural wonders to explore and enjoy on the island.

Marble Head looks out over Lake Huron from about 100 feet above the waves.  To get to the top you first drive out to the trail and then pick a spot to hike from.  The road becomes extremely rough the further you go.  A hike of a couple miles is not unusual. Marble Head is probably the island’s most popular natural feature and the easternmost point in the U.P.! From the top of this sixty foot granite face you can look out into Lake Huron and at Canada’s Cockburn Island.