Trails - Michigan Back Roads

Many of the trails listed here are easy walking trails based on my book "Trails & Treasures".  Others have been chosen because of a particular beauty or some unique characteristic.  Michigan hiking trails and river trails not only add a natural beauty to a Michigan "up north" vacation, they also help us preserve our nature areas and redevelop abandoned areas like disused railroad beds. Hiking, ATV/ORV and Snowmobile trails bring the beautiful wilderness areas of Michigan within reach for most everyone. Some links go to

100 Steps Gorge Corsair Hiking Trails Piers Gorge
  Earl's Prairie Postle Farm Trails
Arcadia Marsh Boardwalk Haywire Grade Trail  
Au Sable Highbanks Headlands Dark Sky Trail  
  Hidden Lake Gardens Red Pines Trail
Barney's Lake Trail Hunters Point Trail Ringwood Forest
Beach To Beach Trail Loda Wildflower Sanctuary Scotts Point Beach Trail
Beal Plantation Trail Lost Mansion Trail Sleepy Hollow Island Trail
  Nahma Marsh Trail Sleepy Hollow Trail Up North
Beaver Island Water Trail PDF Ogemaw Hills Pathways Stage Nature Trails
Beaver Pond Trail Ontonagon Water Trail Stugeon River Gorge
    Union Mine Trail
    Warrens Woods
    Wolf Creek Trail


The book "Trails & Treasures" details short, gentle trails with nearby destinations so you can make a day trip of it. More about Trails & Treasures. - Buy Trails & Treasures online.