The Breezeway is a fun Michigan day trip.

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Ride The Breezeway

The journey is the thing; not how fast you can get from here to there or how fast you can get settled in; the ride is the joy and the fun. The BREEZEWAY is as cool a ride as you will find in any part of Michigan. Twenty Five miles plus is what you have and it is inviting for all kinds of vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, cars and just plain hiking. Access is easy and you can get there from U.S. 31 or from U.S. 131, the main ride is on C-48. Keep in mind though, there are treasures in the drumlins; north and south of “The Breezeway”.

breezeway map

C-48 – just another county road. C-48 runs from Atwood on the west end to Boyne Falls on the east end. Smack dab in the middle is East Jordan at the southern extreme of Lake Charlevoix. A drive of approximately 25 miles through drop-dead gorgeous Michigan. The drive is through rolling hills and stunning vistas on a single two-lane paved road, and it doesn't matter at which end you start. The drumlins, (drumlins are rare glacial hill formations), make this a one of a kind drive in Michigan and my advice is to go one way, then turn around and go back the other way. Be prepared to be delighted all over again. The whole thing is simply breathtaking, and that is just the scenery.