This drive parallels Lake Superior along the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline.


A beautiful Michigan back roads scenic drive.


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Fifty Miles of Heaven - H-58

For years, one of the most beautiful drives in the upper peninsula of "up north" Michigan was also one of the roughest. H-58 is a two lane road that runs from Grand Marais to Munising. Until that road was paved a few years ago, the route was so rough that travelers using motorcycles, RV"s, and sports cars avoided the winding gravel roadway.

mapWhere To Start - This scenic drive can be started from either Munising or Grand Marais. Where to start kind of depends on plans for what to do at each end. For example, Munising is home to a world famous destination, the Pictured Rocks. If you plan to take the boat tour, you will need three hours just for that. On the other hand, Grand Marais offers a charming downtown, a museum shaped like a pickle barrel, and the Dunes Saloon/Lake Superior Brewing Company where they still serve those mouth-watering scotch eggs.

There are spectacular views and overlooks of Lake Superior and historic stops. Here are a few spots to explore along the way. There are lots of places to pause, explore and enjoy. These are some favorites. Starting from Grand Marais, the first stop, Sable Falls, is just outside of town. The parking is good and the trail to the falls is well maintained. There are some stairs to deal with if you want the best view of the waterfall. The Old Log Slide - Since the forest roads could be impassable, the lumbermen would slide logs down this steep slope and into Lake Superior. The logs were then transported to the sawmills. The actual log slide is long gone, but the beautiful Grand Sable Dunes are here providing a stunning view.

The White Birch Forest can be found about 15-16 miles west of Grand Marais. This picturesque stand of white birch is unique in this part of the upper peninsula. There two-mile long self-guiding interpretive trail which begins at the east end of Twelve Mile Campground. The trail meanders through the beautiful white birch trees and explores the natural history of the nearby uplands. This environment is quite different from the dunes and Lake Superior.  At the Munising end of the drive there are several waterfalls that are easily accessible like Warner Falls and Scott Falls.