Gravity Mystery

When you have a chance to visit the Frankfort - Elberta - Beulah region a visit to the gravity mystery will not be quickly forgotten.  I visited this spot several times and it always amazes.  Just be sure to keep your foot near the brake pedal.
Drive downhill from the church until you nearly reach the curve and can see pine trees on your right. Stop your car, keep your foot on the brake and put it in neutral. Be prepared for a surprise when you take your foot off the brake.  My car literally accelerated backwards up the hill. Illusion or not, I recommend caution.

Gravity Mystery Video with Bob the Turtle.

gravity hill

Directions - You can take either Hwy. 22 or Hwy. 31 and turn onto Joyfield Rd. Travel along until you get to Putney Rd. You will see 110+ year old church there and the site of a ghost town. Turn south on Putney and you will see the scene at right.