Underground River - Onaway

chalk color mapWhen I first heard about the underground river, I imagined being inside a great mystical cavern and wandering through stalagmites and stalactites, my torch spluttering in the darkness. I spent a couple hours stumbling around the forest trying to find a cave entrance to the “great underground river”. Finally, a kindly local took pity and explained it all to me. No, there isn't a mystical cavern to explore. However, there are places where the river disappears underground and reappears on the surface some distance away. On a quiet day there are spots where you can hear the river flowing underground. Some people even tell of seeing trout and salmon come swimming out of the hillside.

The Underground River is a branch of the Little Ocqueoc River. You could consult the chalkboard map at the M-211 Mercantile or follow M-68 east from Onaway about 10 miles and turn left on Silver Creek Trail. This is a gravel road. About a mile down the trail will be an unmarked turn-out that is easy to miss. Watch for a sign Silver Creek Trailhead Parking.