World's Biggest Weathervane

weathervane and ellenwoodThe biggest weathervane in the world has these dimensions: Weathervane 48' Tall - Arrow 26' 2" Long Ship Length 14' 3" - Ship Height 11' 7" Vane Weighs 3500 lbs. - Arrow & Ship 800 lbs.  However, that isn't the whole story, the ship depicted at the top of the weathervane represents the schooner Ellenwood.  Here is her story.

The Ellenwood transported lumber products from Michigan to Illinois and Wisconsin.  On her final voyage she headed into Lake Michigan from the White River bound for Milwaukee with a load of timber.  As she approached her destination a tremendous storm blew in and she was driven onto the rocks.  In a very short time the ship was entirely destroyed and some of her cargo lost.
About a year later, some beach combers found a ships nameplate washed up on the shore of White Lake in montague.  It was the nameplate from the Ellenwood and it had made it back to home port.  The nameplate is on display at city hall.