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Photo is courtesy of local photographer - John J. Ziza

It isn't just cross country skiing, the Corsair Trail system is perfect for the casual hiker as well. The lure is the forest itself, the deep snowfalls, and the clean fresh air.



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Corsair Hiking Trails

Since the 1930's,the Corsair Trail System has been the crown jewel of the Silver Valley. This region is known for it’s many miles of scenic groomed trails, some of the best anywhere.

corsair in winter

There are amazing scenic views from such spots as Silver Valley, Iargo Springs, Corsair, and the Lumberman’s Monument. At the Au Sable Highbanks, you can see clear across the AuSable River Valley and watch snowstorms advancing 20 miles away.

In any season, take the beautiful River Road along the AuSable River and follow the signs to the Lumberman's Monument. This is where Monument Road begins; cruise along for just a couple of miles and you will come to the trailhead parking area.