M-22 Scenic Drive

Northern Michigan has dozens of scenic drives.  One of the most famous is M-22.  The drive includes several scenic overlooks.

scenic overlookM-22 runs about from Manistee in the south along Lake Michigan to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula in the north. This is a beautiful drive along the lake. Perhaps the most stunning spot on the entire drive is just south of Frankfort. The view is from a scenic turnoff known as the Arcadia Overlook or Inspiration Point. From the top of the stairs the view is breathtaking since you are a couple hundred feet above the surface of Lake Michigan.

The view is gorgeous, overlooking the bluff, with magnificent sunsets over the lake. The Arcadia Overlook is similar to the old style rest stops of the past, and sits high atop a hill on highway M-22 between Manistee and Frankfort Michigan. There are vault style restrooms, plenty of parking, and fantastic views of Lake Michigan at this location. The view is great even at ground level for those who may have disabilities or trouble climbimg stairs. A telescopic viewer is also available to look out over the lake.  A long flight of stairs takes you really high above the lake for even better views. On a clear day, you can see for miles in several directions.